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Successful crayfish translocation on Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme

25 Sep 2013

Over 3000 White-clawed Crayfish have been successfully moved as part of the Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme in Northumberland, which is being promoted by Northumberland County Council and the Environment Agency.

The translocation was managed by Dorian Latham, Environmental Manager for the scheme and assisted by Cheetham Hill Construction's site staff and staff from the Environment Agency.

The scheme for client Birse Civils Ltd working with Northumberland County Council and the Environment Agency, commenced in June and will see the construction of a water retaining earth dam across the River Wansbeck to reduce flood risk in the town of Morpeth. A 100m section of the river has been diverted to allow the construction of the dam.

The River Wansbeck is the one of the last rivers in Northumberland to maintain a healthy population of the native and protected White-clawed Crayfish. These environmental measures have been taken to ensure the wellbeing of the crayfish during the construction of temporary and permanent structures on site and prevent the spread of Crayfish Plague, which is carried by the non-native Signal Crayfish.

The river is also home to otters, kingfishers, salmon, trout and eels.

Temporary Works on Site

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