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Sustainable construction is at the top of Cheetham Hill Construction's environmental agenda. 

The Company is continuing to develop and implement sustainable procurement options and continues to procure timber from sustainable sources and develop links with suppliers close to our sites.

We have experience of using the WRAP Quality Protocol for the Production of Aggregates from Inert Wastes and producing Material Management Plans in accordance with CLAIRE: The Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice.

CHC also conducts carbon footprint calculations for projects and is in the process of establishing baseline data for the future production of establishing objectives and targets.

We continue to use industry good practice in the development of our site plans and Integrated Management System, including the utilisation of the CEEQUAL assessment scheme on a number of our projects.

To balance the social and economic elements of sustainable development, we endeavour to establish positive links with local communities situated close to our projects and contribute to the local economy by utilising local suppliers and subcontractors and providing opportunities for local employment whenever possible.