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Cheetham Hill Construction is totally committed to the health, safety and welfare of its employees and to the protection of the environment during its business operations. Safety and environmental issues are always top of our agenda during the planning and execution of projects.

To manage and support our operations, CHC has an in-house team of safety and environmental professionals. We believe this to be the most effective way to build trust with our employees, develop effective policies and procedures and influence culture change. The Company implements a structured and CITB approved training programme to ensure that it maintains a competent and skilled workforce.

We operate an Integrated Management System certified to the safety standard ISO 45001, environmental standard ISO 14001 and quality standard ISO 9001. This IMS is used as an effective business tool to manage our operations and provides a framework for our employees to work within.

As a Company we strive to promote and achieve zero accidents and incidents of occupational ill health. We have worked hard over the last few years to develop a culture of collective responsibility amongst our employees and encourage the identification and reporting of ‘positive interventions’.

By proactively identifying the potential for accidents and incidents we have managed to achieve an excellent accident record.