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Old Swan HWRC Project receives CEEQUAL Excellent Award

25 May 2016

The Old Swan Household Waste Recycling Centre Project has been awarded a CEEQUAL Excellent Whole Team Award.

The £1,400,000 project undertaken for client Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority required the design and construction of a new HWRC in Liverpool. As part of the construction, Cheetham Hill Construction has worked with the MRWA to achieve a top rating as part of CEEQUAL, a sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering.

CHC and the MRWA are thrilled to announce they have been awarded a sustainability rating of 86.5% as part of the CEEQUAL assessment, which makes the new Old Swan HWRC one of the greenest and sustainable on Merseyside.

The CEEQUAL assessment takes into account a number of factors, which include; ecology and biodiversity, people and community, land use and landscape and energy and carbon.

This is the third CEEQUAL assessed project undertaken by CHC and upholds the high standard set by the Excellent Award received for the Ravenhead HWRC Project in 2014.

The award was presented on site by CEEQUAL senior verifier Perry Shard.

Phil Ross, Cheetham Hill Construction Director said: "Cheetham Hill Construction is pleased to have been involved with the development of this new household waste recycling facility for the residents of Liverpool. We are very proud the project has attained such a high CEEQUAL standard, it's a great achievement for the whole team involved."

Perry Shard, from CEEQUAL said: "CEEQUAL rewards project teams that go beyond the legal, environmental and social minimum to achieve distinctive environmental and social performance.

"This is the third time that I have presented an award to this team, and the most striking thing for me is how the approach has been improved upon each time. It is a great example of using the CEEQUAL framework to create a more considered long-term solution.

"There are features and aspects of this project which are usually only seen on much larger and more high profile projects for instance - there has been 100% use of all demolition materials within the new construction, installation of rainwater harvesting and the ability of at least 95% of the site and its infrastructure to be dismantled and recycled or reused at the end of Centre's operational life. So, really well done for considering them as part of the design - and then committing to them during the construction."

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