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Drugs and Alcohol testing

17 Dec 2018

Drugs and alcohol misuse has the potential to cause catastrophic outcomes and it is for this reason that CHC are improving their systems by bringing drug and alcohol testing in-house.

Working with SureScreen Diagnostics, from January, CHC are introducing new ways to test for drugs and alcohol:

  • Fingerprint screening  -  this new, innovative drug testing method captures tiny secretions from the finger. Currently the fingerprint screening can detect four drug types: Amphetamines, Benzodiazepine, Cannabis and Cocaine. The drug screening system is compact and portable for ease of use on site. The sample collection takes just a few seconds and the analysis just under 10 minutes.
  • Alcohol meters - CHC have purchased industry standard portable alcohol meters. The Alco-Sensor is lightweight, simple to operate and provides accurate readings.

The new testing equipment will be used to conduct random, unannounced testing on all sites, including agency staff and subcontractors, and at Head Office.

Dianne Tyrer, QESH Manager, commented “The new non-invasive testing is quick and easy to use, doesn't require any gender specific collectors and is carried out in a more dignified manner than traditional testing”

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