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CHC receives its first CEEQUAL Award

17 May 2012

Cheetham Hill Construction is pleased to announce it has received a "Very Good" Construction Only Award from CEEQUAL for the Kirkby Household Waste Recycling Centre Project.

The £1.1million project for client Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) required the design and construction of a new HWRC in Knowsley, Merseyside.

CEEQUAL (the Assessment and Awards Scheme for Improving Sustainability in Civil Engineering) is a scheme that recognises and prioritises environmental considerations such as protection of the local ecology and landscape, minimising the use of raw materials, water and energy, pollution prevention and control, together with waste minimisation and management.

Although the project team undertook a CEEQUAL "Construction Only Award", this didn"t prevent good relationships being formed with the client and neighbours. CEEQUAL was used as a checklist to identify opportunities to improve the sustainability credentials of the project at all phases.

This was the first time the company had utilised the CEEQUAL process on a project and the project team felt it was a useful tool that helped to capture best practice.

The score achieved on the Kirkby HWRC project will act as a benchmark for the Company on future CEEQUAL projects.

Key elements included:

  • Project Management - A detailed Construction Environmental Management Plan and Code of Construction Practice was developed, implemented and monitored throughout construction.
  • Materials - The cut-and-fill design optimised as much of the site-won material as possible. 97% of the materials present have been incorporated into the project. 100% of the topsoil was re-used on site and 70% of the material that was excavated has been re-used on the site. The docking buffers used on the project are made of 100% natural SBR Rubber compound, which in itself is 100% recyclable. 98% of the materials used on the project can be reused and recycled upon disassembly.
  • Ecology Biodiversity - Trees were protected on site during construction and any trees that had to be removed were shredded, with the material being stored on site for use in the final landscaping. Bird and bat boxes have been installed on the new structures, and these will be monitored by the client for at least the next five years.
  • Water Environment - There is a SUDs system in place, complete with newt crossing areas and a rainwater harvesting tank to collect water from the roof of the WEEE building, which will be used for the vehicle jet wash. Connections were made to existing drainage, rather than constructing and connecting new drains to the network.

CEEQUAL Award Presentation at Kirkby HWRC

CEEQUAL Senior Verifier Perry Shard presenting the CEEQUAL Very Good Award to CHC Director Phil Ross

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