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CHC have trialed the DV90 Dual View Dumper which is the biggest industry innovation in sometime

10 Apr 2019

These machines set new standards in terms of operator and construction site safety, flexibility and economic efficiency. The dual view concept allows a comfortable and quick change of the seat position through a 180 degree turn of the entire operating seat and console. In this way, the operator always has the perfect vision in the direction of travel - during transportation, loading and unloading. The rotation can be performed conveniently from the driver’s seat by simply unlocking the seat console and turning it around.

Benefits of the Dual View include:

The operator steers the machine with the skip in the direction of the working area;
Loads or unloads with a complete view of the loading area;
The operator can leave the works area after a 180 degree rotation of the seat. The skip is then behind the operator offering a full unobstructed view. Even with a full skip;
High driving and working positions offer an increased view, full load monitoring and precise dumping;
Rear view camera so the skip can always be seen in any seating position;

Mike Goodier, CHC Contracts Director, “The DV90’s optimal view offers increased safety with its rotation of the drivers' station. Safety is of paramount importance to CHC and the trial of the DV90 demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement and risk reduction.”

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