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CHC awarded United Utilities Contract at the River Lune

20 Jun 2019

CHC have commenced work on new raw water intake screens at the River Lune at Caton. The Eels and Elvers project consists of the following;-

  • The removal of existing bar screens and the installation of 3 no. High Capacity Intake Screens, (2mm aperture size) of the Passive Wedge Wire Cylinder type on each of the 3 No. river intakes.
  • Installation of a new compressed air intake screen cleaning system and associated infrastructure.
  • Installation of all necessary interfaces, including pipework, between intake screens and the existing raw water intake pipes. 
  • Installation of all necessary ducting, cabling and electrical works between the intake and Caton Raw Water Pumping Station.
  • Ecological, Geomorphological and Noise assessments to be undertaken.

The works are scheduled to complete by the end of the year and are necessary to prevent eel entrapment in the raw water intakes and to provide an improved migration passage.  

Mike Goodier stated “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract from United Utilities, working with them and their stakeholders to ensure the project is delivered successfully”.

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