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CHC adds a coal processing bucket to its specialist equipment

07 Oct 2013

Cheetham Hill Construction's Plant Department has invested in a Remu EE4220 coal processing bucket.

The bucket, purchased from Worsley Plant, will be used with a Caterpillar 349E excavator to condition coal spoil on applicable sites.

Material will be processed through the bucket to reclaim the spoil, a waste product, which is then mixed with raw feed coal and used to fire power stations. Using the bucket provides a better blend of product and has many benefits including; keeping the burning temperature at an acceptable level, recycling the spoil that would otherwise be left unused and keeping costs down by blending raw feed coal with recycled materials.

CHC also has other specialist plant items and equipment to enable the Company to undertake environmentally sensitive aspects of civil engineering works. These include:

  • Fuel storage tanks - fuel storage is one of our most significant environmental risks, therefore CHC has a fleet of fuel storage tanks that exceed the requirements of the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001
  • Wheel washes - to ensure that roads can be kept clean
  • Turf stripper attachments - to enable the translocation of sensitive soils and flora. Turf stripping also assists with the speed of recovery and quality of the reinstated area
  • Land rakes - to help prepare soils during reinstatement
  • Allu buckets - to grade soils, which can be used for selective bedding and surround for pipe work etc, avoiding the need to import virgin materials

Remu EE4220 coal processing bucket in action

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