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CHC achieves ISO 45001

12 Dec 2019

With nearly 70 countries involved in its development, ISO 45001 will replace OHSAS 18001, the existing management system standard for Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S). The new standard was launched in March 2018 and organisations have three years to migrate. With this in mind CHC have made the transition and have been formally certified to the new standard.

ISO 45001 focuses on identifying and controlling risks rather than hazards, as is currently required in OHSAS 18001. The new standard requires organisations to consider how suppliers and contractors are managing their risks. In ISO 45001 some fundamental concepts are changed, like risk, worker and workplace. It focuses more on worker communication, consultation and participation. Ultimately, ISO 45001 can be best summarized as a whole-company, proactive approach to incorporating a safety culture.

CHC Director, Dan Peattie, commented “We are proud to have received certification to this new standard and intend to continue with the increased communication and proactive management approach that it promotes”.


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