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Urban64 installation at Eaves Lanes

13 Jul 2018

As part of the works at Foxdenton CHC are improving the Eaves Lane Junction on the A663. A very busy route on the Highways England network. The scope of the works include:

  • Widening the carriageway
  • Creating new islands
  • Modernising the permanent traffic signal infrastructure

CHC had to provide a complex temporary traffic light solution that would maintain existing traffic flow and   pedestrian access. CHC needed a system that would be flexible to adapt to construction phases and be reliable.

CHC engaged with SRL to install their Urban64 system. This is the only temporary system in the UK that has the same technology as a permanent controller/system.  SRL’s project and design created three layouts to cover the construction phases.

The system took just two evenings to install. With commissioning taking place the following morning with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

TfGM urban traffic control department control the Urban64 system and monitor for fault reporting. This is the first time the system has been used by CHC and Highways England on the Area 10 network. The system is currently in operation controlling a key route to and from Manchester  adjacent to the busy M60 motorway.

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