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Lincshore Emergency Works Project complete

30 Jun 2014

Cheetham Hill Construction has completed the Lincshore Emergency Works Project at Mablethorpe Beach, Lincolnshire for client Balfour Beatty.

The emergency flood alleviation works were undertaken on the sand dunes at Mablethorpe North Beach, which had been washed away and deposited on to the South beach during storms in December 2013. The project aimed to load the storm deposited sand from the South Beach and haul it back to the North beach where the sand would be formed into a 1>10 batter to protect the existing dunes.

During the periods of incoming tides, a long reach excavator was utilised to "cast" sand over the outfall, which was then loaded on to dump trucks. In total, 37,000m3 of sand was moved from the "borrow" area on the South Beach to the dunes on the North Beach.

The project was undertaken on a live beach, which required interface with and management of the general public. Environmental management was also a high priority, bio fuel was utilised on all items of plant together with plant nappies and spill kits and the implementation of designated re-fuelling areas.

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