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Climate Week 2013 - the results

19 Mar 2013

Cheetham Hill Construction participated in Climate Week 2013 between 4th and 10th March. To do our part to help the environment, we implemented the following initiatives:

Climate Week Declaration
We added our name to the Climate Week Declaration urging the UK government to do more to prevent climate change.

Energy Zapping the Workplace
For the duration of Climate Week, we tried to reduce our energy consumption as much as we possibly could. As a result, we saved 22% on our gas usage and 6% on our electricity usage. Energy saving actions carried out by our employees included:

  • Turning off weekend heating
  • Turning down boiler temperatures
  • Turning off monitors over night
  • Switching off corridor lights
  • Switching off unused phone chargers
  • Switching off office lighting
  • Switching off/turning down radiators
  • Re-using excavated material in trench construction = no transport or extraction/processing of virgin material
  • No vehicle idling
  • Minimising use of pumps by using vetter stoppers and flumes - no pumps means no delivery fuel use

Recycling our Stuff
We set-up a collection point at our Bury Head Office for any old items of clothing or other bits and bobs our workforce no longer needed.

8 large bags were collected by Clothes Aid, who in turn raise funds for many charities including the NSPCC, Macmillan Cancer Care, Make a Wish Foundation and Battersea Dogs Cats home amongst others.

Following on from this success, we aim to keep up good practice in the future.

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