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CHC supports National Nest Box Week

18 Feb 2014

Cheetham Hill Construction is showing its support for National Nest Box Week, which runs from 14th - 21st February.

National Nest Box Week aims to encourage everyone to put up nest boxes in their local area in order to promote and enhance biodiversity and conservation of our breeding birds and wildlife.

Bird boxes were recently constructed for our Ravenhead HWRC site by pupils at the Hope Academy in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside as part of their creative "Breakout Day".

This week the bird boxes have been installed and as a result we hope to encourage different species of birds to nest on the site.

These bird boxes also fulfil the criteria of the Ciria "Big Challenge", which urges companies to add one new biodiversity enhancement to a construction site or development. It also aims to ensure that biodiversity enhancement is at the heart of the design and engineering process.

For further information and how you can take part in National Nest Box Week please visit:

Bird Box Installation on Site

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