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Broadway Green progress update

03 Apr 2020

Since the last update earthworks operations have progressed despite the weather with further material being placed to construct the embankment of the new Spine Road to its eventual connection with Broadway. The 1:1 reinforced slope has been constructed on the North Section of the spine road embankment and the capping layer has now commenced.

Broadway is temporarily restricted down to 3 lane running and only the East side footpath is open during this phase of works. Traffic management in the form of cones, barriers, signage etc continue to cordon off Lane 1 Northbound of the Broadway A663 and will continuously be maintained 24 hours a day by the specialist site team.

On the west side of what was Crossley Bridge utility services continue to be diverted. United Utilities and Electricity North West have completed their works. BT Openreach and virgin media diversions are also well underway diverting their ducting, cables, and overheads lines.

Foxdenton Lane Junction works have commenced. Existing footpaths and carriageway surfaces have been removed and we have installed new kerbs, edgings and landscaped areas.

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