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Arrival of first wind turbine at Marr Wind Farm

05 Oct 2011

The first wind turbine tower has arrived on site at the Marr Wind Farm project in Doncaster.

Four turbines in total will make up the scheme, with each one taking up to three days to erect. The remaining turbines will be delivered to site before 14th October.

Marr Wind Farm is located to the west of junction 37 of the A1. When fully operational it will have an installed capacity of up to 12MW and generate enough power to meet the energy requirements of up to 6,700 homes.

This is the first renewable energy project for CHC. Works include local authority liaison, planning finalisation, design and construction for the civil and electrical engineering works and CDM supervision of the turbine delivery and installation.

Works are currently on programme and the wind farm is scheduled to be operational by early 2012.

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